AFTRANS provides a wide range of services for customs clearance of goods: we prepare a set of documents for declaration, conduct customs inspections, cargo inspections, calculate customs payments, determine the classification code of goods

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Customs clearance plays a significant role in the transit of commodities. You can only import or export your products if the goods are approved in customs. It's the final step to reach the consignee for the products, whether through air or sea freight. Once the cargo is done, the shipper must submit paperwork verifying the payment of customs duties and shipment processing.
Minimizes one of the biggest risks your international shipments face
Price policy
Сooperation on mutually beneficial terms
In an environment of increased supply chain disruptions, customers are more sensitive than ever to on-time delivery
Different process for each business and each shipment, even for similar shipments
Customs clearance services
Preparation of documents
For customs clearance
Of customs payments
Of TN VED EAEU codes
Obtaining declarations
And certificates of conformity
Obtaining a certificate
Of state registration
Obtaining classification decisions
And certificates of conformity
Our Strengths
Registration along
the main transport corridors
Customer focus
Individual approach to solving the problems of our Clients
Declaration of goods by leading specialists in the field of maintenance
24/7 support
Customs clearance specialists on call
24 hours a day
Cargoes that we handle
  • Technique
    Household appliances and radio electronics, all kinds
    of accessories
  • Clothing and footwear
    Clothes, shoes, underwear, accessories
  • Food
    Products with a long shelf life, as well as perishable
  • Pharmaceuticals
    and medical devices
    Medicines and medical devices, products of the rehabilitation industry
  • Construction and finishing materials, chemistry
    Tiles, finishing panels, varnishes, paints and other items of the commodity group; chemical products
  • Veterinary, phytosanitary cargoes
    Plants and animals of all kinds, including birds, bees, fish, amphibians, reptiles, fertilized eggs, hatching eggs, etc.
  • Tools and machines
    Household, professional, manual, electrical and other equipment
  • Spare parts
    and accessories
    Automotive spare parts and accessories, spare parts for industrial equipment of various industries
Important completed projects
Design of a production line consisting of 30 machines
Customs clearance of a production line for a food industry enterprise without PKR (preliminary classification decision) within 2 days. Features - during the day, cars drove in at different times and diesel fuel was supplied upon the closing of delivery to the last car from the column.

We have worked out all the requirements of the customs authority to confirm the declared classification code, the line was issued in the shortest possible time without downtime of vehicles with minimal costs and zero duty, which significantly saved customs payments.
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