Road freight of capsule house

Itinerary : China - Czech Republic
Cargo: capsule house

Services and modes of transport:
Road freight.

The Client's primary concern was the cost of logistics. In January, within a span of three days, we secured favourable rates for two vehicles on an approved route. It's crucial to remember that each house has its unique dimensions, hence the need for different vehicles.

This particular load was unique and it's not often that hauliers get to work with such items, which led to questions about securing these capsule homes. We swiftly found a solution; the Client provided instructions on cargo handling and securing. The team was thoroughly prepared and informed, ensuring a smooth transit without any unforeseen circumstances.

We had projected a transit period of 40 days. Thanks to efficient handling at one of the points, the first vehicle arrived earlier than expected. The second shipment was delivered within the 40-day timeline, keeping us right on schedule.

This project shows our dedication to finding the most cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. We always put the Client's interests first. It also proves the importance of clear communication and the vital role of the information the Client provides. Our shared objective is timely and safe delivery of the cargo.
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