Case on the supply of oxygen concentrators from China

Itinerary: China – CIS
We would like to share the history of a case involving the supply of oxygen concentrators from China to the CIS region.

The delivery was carried out for the Ministry of Health and an important condition was meeting the deadlines, since large fines could be imposed if the delivery was disrupted. The most noteworthy thing is the time of delivery – August 2020, which was the peak time of the coronavirus pandemic.

At that time, the Сlient was working with another forwarding company and was faced with the fact that the cargo was not accepted for consolidation in China and the time had already come for urgent full container load delivery.

What did we offer?

The specialists of our company, the Multimodal Transport Department, did a brilliant job! We immediately engaged our agent, found an empty container within two days, delivered it to the station of dispatch and transported the cargo within one week. The Client met the deadlines established by the Ministry of Health and continues to successfully cooperate with us.
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