Consolidated cargo by rail

Itinerary : China - CIS
Cargo: consolidated cargo

Services and modes of transport: rail freight

In just a month, we organised the shipment of two 40-foot containers filled with our customers' cargo from China to CIS.

Among the major items we shipped were:
- elements of sports award cups and medals,
- various technical spare parts,
- electric actuators,
- portable oxygen machines,
- Huawei fans,
- ets.

This was no easy feat, as we had to prepare documents and cargos for all customers simultaneously. Each customer's actions could have affected the entire shipment plan. Additionally, after loading, we identified orders whose cargo could not be stacked. This led to a prompt revision of the loading scheme and replacement of some cargoes.

For consolidation of cargoes in China, we used the warehouse of our reliable partner, which allowed us to offer our Clients the most favourable conditions both in terms of cost and cargo storage time. We successfully merged shipments for 10 different Clients, reducing the cost of logistics while maintaining the quality and timing of delivery.

AF TRANS – we offer rail and sea containerized freight shipping, as well as air and road freight shipping services. We carry out customs clearance – our company is included in the register of customs representatives!
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