Step challenge with AF Trans

11 April 2024
Our 5-week Step Challenge has ended! Our employees walked over 18 million steps - that's equivalent to the distance from Riga to Brisbane! Wow!

We are proud to announce that Ksenia from marketing department walked the furthest, with an incredible 898,487 steps, while employee from Multimodal Transport department achieved an impressive 49,099 steps in a single day. And what a success it was!

It's clear that our employees' health has benefited greatly from this challenge. Walking not only strengthens the muscles of the whole body but also normalises the respiratory and nervous systems, improves the cardiovascular system, and reduces blood sugar levels!
Walking can improve your mood as much as a few squares of dark chocolate and a cup of coffee! So, why not take a walk and feel the benefits for yourself? By following these steps, you can significantly improve your work performance by boosting your energy and strength!
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