Transport logistic China exhibition

Shanghai, New International Expo Centre
Last week we had an opportunity to attend Transport logistic China exhibition and Air cargo China 2024 as part of Transport logistic China in Shanghai, New International Expo Centre.

It was an incredible experience to see the latest innovations and technologies in the transport and logistics industry. From cutting-edge supply chain management solutions to advances in air cargo handling, the exhibitions provided valuable insights into the future of the industry.

Transport logistic China is recognised as the leading logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management exhibition in the Asia Pacific region.

Networking with industry professionals and exploring the innovative solutions on display gave us valuable insights how we can improve our forwarders' services. Collaboration and innovation are keys to remaining competitive in the ever-evolving logistics industry.
Transport logistic China - AF TRANS
Overall, it was a productive and inspiring event that left us with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.
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