Successful Delivery of Excavator Parts along the Taksimo-Bodaibo Winter Road

Itinerary: FOB Qingdao (China) – Bodaibo (CIS)
Today, we would like to share a case of a successfully completed delivery along the route FOB Qingdao (China) – CIS, Bodaibo.

Cargo: excavator parts, namely cutting edges, bucket knives.

The main difficulty was the need to arrange the delivery of the container along the railway line in such a way as to dispatch it without intermediate storage along the Taksimo-Bodaibo winter road.

The winter road usually opens at the end of December; in 2021, the official opening of the winter crossing took place on 20 December.

There is a danger of slush (snow broth) occurring. Our joint efforts, competence and experience of our employees allowed us to successfully implemented this project, adding another satisfied Client to the collection, who saved their nerves and money.

AF TRANS Vocabulary:
Winter road is a road that can only be used in winter, after freezing.
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