We provide customized solutions for various industries, which are focused around the Client's requirements and priorities. Our team will help you harness the power of sophisticated solutions to improve the expeditiousness and quality of the delivery of your cargo and gain a competitive advantage across a wide range of industries
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We develop comprehensive and individual logistics solutions for all business sectors, taking into account all your requirements. Our global team of subject matter experts and availability of strategic transport hubs will help you stay ahead and enjoy seamless logistics from AF TRANS.
  • Industry
    Perfect logistic solutions for Just-in-Time production processes
  • Equipment
    Complete solutions for supply chains, spare parts for industrial equipment in various industries
  • Appliances and Electronics
    Household appliances, radio electronics, video equipment and all kinds of accessories
  • Construction materials
    Finishing materials, varnishes, paints and other items of the product group, sanitary ware
  • Chemical Industry
    A variety of industries that are focused on the manufacture of chemicals for various purposes
  • Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare
    Medicines and medical products, products for the rehabilitation industry
  • Fashion and retail
    Clothes and shoes, goods for children, underwear, various accessories
  • Food and Beverages
    Products with a long shelf life, as well as perishable products, and beverage logistics solutions

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