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The AF TRANS team provides a wide range of services for customs clearance of goods: we assist in the preparation of a set of documents for declaration, conduct customs inspections, cargo inspections, calculate customs payments and determine the EAEU CN of FEA code
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Customs clearance plays an important role in the transit of goods. You can only import or export your products if the goods are approved by customs. This is the final step on the way to the consignee, be it air freight or sea freight. Once the cargo is ready, the shipper needs to provide documents confirming payment of customs duties and customs clearance of the goods.
Minimizing one of the biggest risks in international shipping of goods
Timely delivery
We help minimize the risks of late delivery in the face of frequent disruptions in the supply chain
Pricing policy
Cooperation on mutually beneficial terms
Individual approach
A different set of documents is required for each business and each delivery, even for a similar one
Customs Clearance Services
Preparation of documents for customs clearance
Assistance in collection and preparation of a set of documents, checking the completeness and correctness of the information provided.
Customs control, inspection/search of cargo
We assist in organizing customs inspection/search, veterinary, phytosanitary control, and agrochemical control procedures before submitting the customs declaration.
Filing a customs declaration, certification
We fill out and submit the customs declaration, provide product certification services in accordance with the EAEU TR CU, GOST R, and assist in obtaining the State Registration Certificate.
Determination of EAEU CN of FEA code
We assist in determining the EAEU CN of FEA code for your goods in accordance with applicable legislation and current law enforcement practice. Preparation of documents for obtaining a classification decision, support at every stage of the decision process. Customs clearance of production lines.
Legal services, forwarding, storage
Storage at temporary storage warehouses and warehouse terminals, forwarding and processing of cargo in the customs control zone, legal services in terms of consulting on foreign trade activities, legislation.
Calculation of customs duties
We calculate customs duties, determine the customs value of the goods. We provide assistance in collecting documents for additional verification of customs value.
Our Strong Points
Presence and geographical coverage
Clearance along the main transport corridors
Customer-oriented approach
Individual approach to solving the challenges faced by our Clients
Operational responsiveness
Declaration of goods by leading specialists in the field of customs clearance
24/7 support
Customs clearance specialists are available 24 hours a day
Cargoes that we process
Nomenclature of processed cargoes
  • Appliances, electronics
    Household appliances and radio electronics, all kinds of accessories
  • Clothing and footwear
    Clothes, shoes, underwear, accessories
  • Foodstuffs
    Perishable and non-perishable food products
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical devices
    Medicines and medical products, rehabilitation industry products
  • Construction and finishing materials, chemicals
    Tiles, finishing panels, varnishes, paints and other items of the product group; chemical products
  • Veterinary, phytosanitary goods
    Plants and animals of all kinds, including birds, bees, fish, amphibians, reptiles, fertilized eggs, hatching eggs, etc.
  • Tools and machines
    Household, professional, manual, electrical appliances and other equipment
  • Spare parts and accessories
    Automotive spare parts and accessories, spare parts for industrial equipment in various industries
Important Projects Completed
Customs clearance of a production line consisting of 30 machines
Customs clearance of a production line for a food industry enterprise without PCD (preliminary classification decision) within 2 days. Specifics – the vehicles arrived at different times during the day and the customs declaration was submitted upon completion of delivery by the last vehicle in the convoy.

We have worked through all the requirements of the customs authority to confirm the declared classification code, the production line underwent customs clearance in the shortest possible time without vehicle downtime with minimal costs and zero duty, which significantly saved customs charges.
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