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FTL and LTL transport of cargo of any complexity to major European destinations: hazardous and non-hazardous cargoes, temperature-controlled cargoes, high-value cargoes

As part of the road freight transport service, the AF TRANS Team organizes the delivery of complete and consolidated cargoes of any complexity to major European destinations: hazardous, non-hazardous, high-value and temperature-controlled cargoes. With flexible pickup schedules, we also provide expedited shipment delivery.
Dispatch of cargo from anywhere in the world
Operational flexibility
Fast pick-up times for cargoes from Europe and China
Possibility of expedited delivery
Always in touch
Timely information about order execution
Road Freight Services

Full Truck Load shipping mode
Less Than Truckload shipping mode
Transport of oversized cargoes
We deliver large, heavy and long cargoes
Dangerous goods
Transport of hazardous cargoes
Temperature-controlled transport
Transport of temperature-sensitive goods
High-value cargo
Transport of high-value cargoes
Key Regions
CIS countries
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