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End-of-year review managerial field session

Istanbul, Turkey
Recently, our company held a successful management session in Istanbul, one of the largest cities in the world located on two continents: European and Asian, and separated by the Bosporus, a narrow strait that connects the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea.

The leadership team gathered to discuss the company's development strategy and the rapprochement of positions of all departments.

The key advantage of the field management session is to improve the work coordination of the departments, the understanding of each one's strategy and creating a uniform vector of development aimed at achieving our common global goal.

Each manager spoke about the achievements of his/her department and the records of the year gone by, as well as shared their goals for the new financial year. Special attention was paid to the sales plan and the hiring plan, personnel training and professional development.
The change of scene made it possible to combine the official part and informal socializing.

This helps to establish connections between colleagues at different emotional levels, which only helps to strengthen close ties.
Stunning views of the sea and mountains created an ideal atmosphere for productive collaborative work. After summing up the results of the year's events, discussing plans for the future, colleagues enjoyed the beauty and energized themselves before accomplishing the purposes of our global goals.
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